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Default The Upstairs, Downstairs challenge.
In this challenge, you will essentially be playing two families. A wealthy socialite family (Upstairs) and their servants (Downstairs).(You can name the families whatever you like, the Up/downstairs bit only signifies rank)

Here are the steps to set up the challenge:

1. Create first the "Upstairs" family, a man and wife. You can have more than that, but there must be at least one married couple.

2. Create the "Downstairs" family, the servants. You can have as many servant sims as you'd like, but there must be at least one servant for every initial "upstairs" resident.

3. Move them into a wonderful, expensive and expansive lot. You can download one from the sims exchange, this very website, or even build one yourself if you have the talent. Make sure it is at least divided up into "masters" and "Servants" areas.

Now that we've set up, here are the rules for playing the game:

1. Only the Upstairs family can get jobs off the lot. The downstairs family can have jobs, but they must be ones the can do at home, like writing, gardening, or even hacking. for best results, you may want to have the downstairs family grow all the food prepared for the upstairs family. Downstairs sims may also leave the lot to go grocery shopping, remove the "stir crazy" moodlet, or just to go see a movie or something, but they will spend most of the time at the mansion, cleaning up and making things comfortable for the upstairs family.

2. Both families may have children. But any child not born to the upstairs married couple will become a downstairs servant. That being said, all the children can play together, go to school together, and even start relationships. Be warned! The upstairs children CANNOT marry the downstairs children. They may woohoo, but any child born to the couple is considered "Illegitimate" and sent downstairs.

3. The goal is to ensure the upstairs family continue their lineage for as long as possible. If no legitimate child is born to the upstairs couple, the manor must be sold and the servants dispersed.

4. You can hire service sims like maids and repairmen, but only if the downstairs family is overwhelmed with work keeping up the manor.

5. Upstairs sims can marry anyone in town, regardless if they come from a wealthy family or not. They cannot move out of the house.

6. Downstairs sims may also marry anyone in town. But when they do tie the knot, they have to leave the manor. If a downstairs sim marries another downstairs sim, they may stay and their children will grow up to be the future generation of servants for the upstairs family.

7. Major financial decisions (Buying another property, buying a vehicle, paying the bills) are to be made exclusively by the upstairs family. The downstairs family are not allowed to buy anything that costs more than $1,000 at a time. This includes groceries, books, and toys for the little ones.

8. If you have "World Adventures" installed, the Upstairs family may take the downstairs family with them abroad. However, all tomb loot is to be considered property of the upstairs family.

9. If you have "University life" installed, only the upstairs family may attend university.

10. If you have "Pets" installed, the playable animals are to be considered part of the upstairs family, as such, only the upstairs family can adopt playable animals. However, the downstairs family may adopt small creatures like reptiles, birds, and rodents.

11. If you have "Into the future" installed, either family may travel to the future.

12. Yes, money cheats are allowed.

Got it? Go try it out! have fun!
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sounds cool, i might try this
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trying it out. moolahcheatsenabled true is a plus.
No jobs, the Richmich family will reign supreme. Build meh manshun time
edit: instead of doing the challenge, I just built a mega-mansion..
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This sounds cool, I'm going to get to work on it right away. I love the idea of having a secret romance much like "Romeo and Juliet" between the upstairs and downstairs families kids.
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definitely trying this, but I think I'm going to try combining it with the Generations Challenge in a way

god it's gonna get all downton abbey in my sims game for the next few weeks
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