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Default At Worlds End
❝ we cannot stop natural disasters,
but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives wouldn’t have to be lost,
if there was enough disaster preparedness. ❞

— petra nemcova

( this is my first ever time posting a challenge , in my head it sounds awesome but when i write it down it sounds absolute trash XD
feel free to make any suggestions and perhaps try it ? )


after a deadly series of blizzards and bad weather , the world finally seems to have settled it’s rage.
but not before the entire world was stripped bare of vegetation , of any form of sim life .

except for one group of seven .

together they defied the odds and survived .



* required expansion packs: *

- seasons

* aim: to reach 1000 points . *

set up:

- first load the world you’ll be playing in , the smalłer the world the better this challenge will work !
- going to settings , change it so that the only season that is enabled is WINTER and apply changes .
- enter create a sim and form your group , of seven sims ( must include: four young adults / adults , one elder , two children ) , MUST NOT BE RELATED TO EACHOTHER IN ANY WAY !
- move the family into a small lot ( 10x10 or smaller ! )

now that that’s done , you’ll need to make your your lot will accomdate your sims needs ... given the circumstances of course there will be limitations .

- NO ELECTRICITY , the only source of light is via candles , and your only source of heat is via a firepit / bonfire .
- NO RUNNING WATER , the only way to obtain water is by travelling to the pond , sims can’t use the toilet , which means peeing on the ground , water usage will be listed below for showering ect ...
- NO MORE FRESH FOOD , which means raiding neighbouring houses for non perishables , catching fish ect ...

now back to that lot , here is a list of objects you MUST place down .

- the CHEAPEST double bed , and two of the CHEAPEST single beds ( your group managed to salvage the matresses from a nearby house )
- one fire pit ( for warmth and a place to cook ! )
- the CHEAPEST fridge , where you will place an indoor fence around it to prevent “quick meals” ( the fridge will ONLY be used for storage !!! )
- a sink and bath ( water gathering / usage will be discussed later ! )
- a radio ( in which your sims must trade simoliens for batteries , using familyfunds cheat )

NOTE that your sims cannot live in a house , they must live outdoors until *SKILL LEVEL MILESTONES* are reached .



- for every baby-young adult you raise successfully , you earn 50 points .
- every time you raise a skill level ( 10 points )
- every 5 tubs of water ( 10 points )


- water may be gathered by any young adult or adult , who must venture off their lot and to the nearest pond , and stand in the snow as they wait for the water to be thawed and purified before heading home .
( if one sim waits by the pond for one hour = 1 tub of water , two sims one hour = 2 tubs )

- 1 tub of water entitles your sim household to TWO baths , or you can save up water without using it and treating all your sims to baths .


- as elders , they will be responsible for the cooking of food and maintenance of your lot .
- the young adults / adults are solely responsible for water gathering , where they will bundle up and risk standing outside in the freezing cold every day , to carefully thaw out and purify the lake water , then make the trek home .
- any children will be responsible for keeping the fires roaring , and raising their skill levels .


( im tired , but i promise to add on soon ! )

happy simming !

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This sounds like an interesting challenge! I'm open to anything that includes eternal winter and apocalypse lmao

Oh and you forgot to add the skill levels or what. Like, what skills should I upgrade to be able to live inside a house?
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I'd be interested in seeing more about this challenge too!
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