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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on Yesterday at 7:25 PM
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Lab Assistant
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#1 Old 10th Mar 2018 at 10:52 AM
Default Best Laptop and Beginner Friendly Meshing Tools?
I've tried Blender, but one of my problems is it is that it seems like the only way to do things is through things like use of the scroll wheel and middle mouse button, which clearly my laptop doesn't have. I've had success with recolors (even those that make something completely different than the base item) with Gimp and S4S, but I'd like to be able to examine and clean up hair meshes (I love split-dye effects, colored streaks, and skunk stripes) and edit meshes. Any suggestions for intuitive meshing tools that don't make more than the most basic assumptions about my hardware? And ftr I had no issues with processing speed with Blender, just issues with being unable to use very basic aspects because of the way the commands are set up.
Ms. Byte
staff: moderator
#2 Old 10th Mar 2018 at 1:12 PM
You could try Milkshape 3D, which is a simpler but less comprehensive meshing tool than Blender. There's a 30 day trial after which you have to pay $35/EUR25. If you use Milkshape you can use CAS Tools (available here on MTS) to import/export/convert meshes.

There are other meshing programs and you may want to Google meshing software and look at some. Some people are using Marvellous Designer but it's expensive. Any other meshing tool you use would have to be able to export in .obj or some other common format for import into Blender for finishing (if you use S4S) or import/conversion in CAS Tools, possibly with finishing needed in Milkshape.

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Lab Assistant
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#3 Old 11th Mar 2018 at 4:40 PM
Ah, of course most of the alternatives are paid. I'll keep trying to hit Blender with a big stick poke it until it works. There's plenty I can do in the mean time.
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