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Default Yander Simulator ideas
So the past day, I have been focused entirely on creating assests for my Sims 4 characters to all have Yandere Simulator stuff, and the one thing I just finished making (but am having some trouble in converting over to the Sims 4, not y’all’s problem in this post) is the classic school uniform, the very first version of Yandere Dev’s uniform that he created when he first created and conceptulized Yandere Simulator! I wanted to just give a quick sneak peek to viewers on this thread, just because I’m very passionate about my WIP and I want people to appreciate what I’ve made so far~

This isn’t advertising what I’ve made at all, it’s just art.

EDIT: I’m not looking for attention, just wanted to share a quick screen cap of what I’m proud of so far and just move on, that’s all.

Have a good rest of your day, Simmers!
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Looks good! Can't wait to see!
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